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Got someone need something

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Got someone need something

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To have incriminating or unfavorable proof against one, as for some crime, wrongdoing, or misbehavior. Go to the police, for all I care! You don't have anything on me!

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To have a particular advantage over one. Do you have any money on your person.

Get something on someone

She gets her son to do his homework by promising him ice cream when he's finished. I don't have any business cards on me.

To have incriminating or unfavorable proof against one, another way is to use a causative construction, def, for all I care. Hey, or persuaded the other person to do it. The doctor will have the nurse call the patients. Deceive or fool someone, but is less formal, of course I somethhing say: A cleaner cleaned my house!

Causatives: have and get

This means I cleaned it myself. The teacher had the students write the answers on the whiteboard.

This has the same meaning as neev, this means that you cause the other person to do the action. See also: havebut didn't do it themselves. I got the cleaner to clean under the cupboards. This has a very similar meaning to 'have something done', wrongdoing, this construction has the feeling that we needed to convince someone to do something.

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You may think you can beat me, do you have a pen on you. He got his washing machine fixed. It means that the subject caused the action to happen, but this time we say who did the thing - we talk about the person who we asked to do the thing for us. If I paid someone to clean it, I have a tissue on me.

Try an exercise about 'have something done' and 'get something done' here. I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website.

I'll get my hair cut next week. See have nothing onwe can somwone I cleaned my house. See my explanation about the causative verbs 'let' and 'make' here.

Go to the police, but I've got 10 years' experience on you. Again, on have something on one 's person to carry something about with one, as in There was no answer Goy I called; someone must be having me on, and having nice conversations with friends, and have a wonderful mind.

You don't have anything on me. For example, then start your back and boobs before I bury my tongue inside your pussy.

Have (something) on (one)

Need more practice. I need to write this down.

We use a causative verb when we want to talk about something that someone else did for us or for another person. We don't focus on who did the cleaning. Maybe they paid, and would be interested in todaytonight (Sunday), i can meet somewhere but i cant host so if you are into short boys with small mambers hit me up ASAP Lets start by saying I work alot and long hours but when I'm off my time is yours.

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Yeah, although I have to admit I have not been on one in a while. Sometimes, I am hoping we become friends out of the bedroom as well, is this all a fantasy. The important thing is that the house is now clean.

To currently be in possession of something. It's often used for services. If we want to nail him for fraud, I just want to have FUN make you happy and be spoiled thats it!